The Beginning

Welcome to my blog page.  I want to keep this all as informal as possible, but I feel that in order to accurately discuss the subject matter here, a certain level of professionalism should be exhibited.  By this, I mean that if you were to read a scholarly journal entry with open response capabilities, the responses would contain minimal profanity, personal attacks, lude, rude, and/or explicit comments, unintelligible material, and anything else I feel does not conform to our societies generally accepted rules of civil interaction.  With this being said, if you do have something to add, feel free.

What I will be blogging in future posts will involve the many realms of the entertainment industry, from film, television, gaming, music, literature, etc. 

 It is not my wish to mediate between difference in opinion that do not involve the subjects listed above.  If you have a conflicting opinion involving religious and/or scientific beliefs, political/social issues, race/gender/sexual preference issues, morals, ethics, philosophical outlooks, or anything else like these, and they do not directly relate to the discussion at hand, your post will never be seen, so don’t waste your time.

Welcome to my blog.  Enjoy your stay.

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