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I’m serious. Think about it. Films tell a decent story, but if they are really worth it, you always want more. That’s what good television does. Quick logic, but just the same, seems logical. Television is gaining on the film industry quickly. Actors are taking parts in long-term series more often, as do directors and screenplay writers, creating amazing stories that go on for years, building tension and suspense the whole time. Now I want to begin an eleven-part series introducing and analyzing my top favorite programs, hopefully in an overall effort to prove my point in some way. Yes, I am addicted to television. Blame Netflix.

1. Dexter
2. The Office
3. True Blood
4. Entourage
5. Avatar: The Last Airbender

I tried to mix it up, based on what I have watched the entirety of, and I’ll probably add more, once I ‘collect more data’ (aka sit around and watch T.V.)  Maybe I’m lame, but I can explain.  You just wait.

I don't own this picture. Sorry. But Dexter is amazing.

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