Rampage; exactly what it sounds like

Most people never got to hear about the movie Rampage, because I think it was a straight-to-DVD sort of movie.  This doesn’t automatically make it a bad movie, because it’s actually a pretty darn good movie.  It displays in explicit detail the dire consequences of society causing a man to go crazy and snap.  If you don’t mind gore and violence, you might find it acceptable, at least.  If you like gore and violence, you’ll probably love it.  If you like political/social psychological analysis kinds of movies, you will also love it.  That’s where I come in.  It’s interesting to see what a situation like this might look like, especially if I’m going to have to condition myself to deal with it if it ever does happen.  Paranoid as that sounds, you never know.

It looks kool. Must be kool, right? That was my path of logic.

Other than that, it has a kool plot, believable dialogue, and a neet twist at the end.  Check it out, I think it’s on Netflix right now.

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